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SunSirs: BDO Supply Was Tight and Prices Were Rising

November 12 2020 15:06:04     SunSirs (John)


Recently, the domestic BDO market has continued to rise. According to the sample data monitored by SunSirs, since the National Day holiday, the BDO market price has risen step by step. On October 9th, the average domestic BDO producer price was 8,800 RMB/ton. As of November 11, the domestic BDO producer average price was 12,000 RMB/ton. The price increased by 36.36% during the cycle, and the price increased by 35.44% month-on-month and 26.05% year-on-year. . The continuous increase in BDO prices this time is the only long-term sharp increase in the long-term downturn in the BDO market in the past two years.

The main reason for the sharp rise in the BDO market this time is that the domestic BDO installations have been shut down or overhauled, and the spot supply continues to be tight; The downstream industries have relatively high start-ups, and the demand for contract purchases of external storage and spot replenishment is in short supply. Manufacturers are in short supply, and some manufacturers arrange orders for delivery within 15-20 days. At present, most manufacturers are basically out of stock, and offers continue to rise.

In terms of equipment, Shaanxi Ronghe will restart on November 12; Dongyuan will be overhauled on October 30 and is expected to restart on November 20; and Hebi Coal Industry will be overhauled on the 15th, which is expected to take 20 days.

At present, the spot supply is still tight, and some manufacturers revealed that the transaction price has been around 13,000 RMB/ton. SunSirs BDO analysts predict that the domestic BDO market will continue to be high in the short term.

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