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SunSirs: Orders are Picking up, and Chinese Polyamide Prices Increases (10.1-10.15)

October 16 2020 08:20:13     SunSirs (Linda)

According to statistics from SunSirs, as of October 15, the DTY of nylon filament in Jiangsu area reported 15,100 yuan/ton, an increase of 2.26% from October 1, and a year-on-year decrease of 16.27%; the price of nylon POY was reported at 12740 yuan/ton, compared with October The price rose by 1.59% on the 1st, down 18.75% year-on-year; the price of nylon FDY was reported at 15,850 yuan/ton, which was 1.60% higher than the price on October 1, and down 19.54% year-on-year.

In early October, international crude oil prices rose sharply and fell slightly in the short term. As of October 14, WTI crude oil was quoted at $41.04 per barrel, an increase of 5.99% from the beginning of October. International oil prices rebounded sharply, and cyclohexanone rose to wait and see. The Shandong cyclohexanone market offer is 5750-5850 yuan/ton, and the East China cyclohexanone offer price is 6000-6100 yuan/ton. The market trading atmosphere is light. Sinopec's September 2020 caprolactam settlement price was 9,700 yuan/ton. The supply of caprolactam increased in September. Due to the oversupply, the inventory pressure increased, and the overall price adjustment was weak. The downstream transaction atmosphere has recovered, and the two consecutive daily limit of polyester staple fiber boosted market confidence, and the short-term caprolactam is expected to rise. The downstream filament production and sales rebounded, and PA6 rose more obviously. As of October 15, PA6 increased by 4.79% in October.

Recently, many foreign textile export enterprises cannot guarantee delivery due to the epidemic, and many orders have been transferred to our country for production. Polyamide manufacturers have made a lot of noise. The textile market showed a turning point, and the sales of Polyamide filaments were hot. Some companies said that they could not help themselves, the market changed rapidly, old customers may have difficulties in delivery, unable to receive orders from new customers, and the price rose and rose again. The contract is subject to the quotation of the day. The industry seems to have entered the 'Silver October' in the short term. season. However, the impact of the transfer of orders to the country is limited. After all, the prospect of the trade environment under the epidemic is unknown. Therefore, some companies have not made major adjustments and are in a wait-and-see situation.

SunSirs analysts believe that in the half of the 'Silver October' season, nylon filaments, boosted by raw materials and boosted by orders, ended the decline in September. However, from the perspective of the overall price adjustment strategy, the price increase range is 200-500 yuan/ton, and the steps taken are relatively conservative. Although companies have stated that price increases are imperative, there is a taste of insured promotion, which is expected to continue to rise in the short term.

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