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SunSirs: Butanone Market Trend Is Not Uniform and Slightly Downward After National Da

October 14 2019 13:32:36     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, after National Day, the overall price of butanone market declined slightly. At present, the mainstream domestic price of butanone is around 9000-9400 RMB/ton, which is - 0.9% lower than that of September 30 before the National Day.


Analysis review

Product: Before the National Day, the overall price trend of domestic butanone market has stabilized, the price has shown signs of loosening, the trading atmosphere is general, some manufacturers have begun to accumulate stocks, October ushered in the National Day holiday, during the festival, the market has only a small amount of rigid transactions, factory inventory continues to rise, which also indicates that the butanone market will have a small fluctuation, butanone market traders are cautious, more wait-and-see attitude, spot into the general. As of October 12, the price gap between South China and East China in North China is large, the market in South China is relatively short of stock and the market price is higher. At present, the mainstream reference price in South China is around 9800 RMB/ton, that in North China is around 9400 RMB/ton, and that in East China is around 9400 RMB/ton.


Industry chain:

The upstream raw material liquefied gas (civil) has an overall upward trend. The market price of liquefied petroleum gas (civil) in North China has risen. The mainstream price is around 4000-4050 RMB/ton, and the market transaction is normal. The price of liquefied petroleum gas in Shandong is rising, and the mainstream price is 3900- 4300 RMB/ton, the market transactions are normal; the price of liquefied petroleum gas in East China is stable, the mainstream price is around 3,950 RMB/ton, the market transactions are normal.


Market outlook

Data analysts of SunSirs believe that in the future, it is expected that the rising trend of butanone market in South China will not be too obvious after the spot is sufficient, and the overall market potential remains to be observed.


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