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SunSirs: China's Metal Silicon Prices are Improving after Recovery in July

August 20 2020 08:05:30     SunSirs (Linda)

441# Silicon price trend

On August 19, the price of silicon metal (441#) rose slightly. According to data from SunSirs, the average market price of domestic silicon metal (441#) on August 19 was RMB 11,208.33/ton, which was an increase of 1.97% from the average market price of RMB 10,991.67/ton at the beginning of the month (8.1); compared with the valley value of the year (7.1) The average market price was RMB 10,491.67/ton, an increase of 6.83%; compared with the average market price at the beginning of the year (1.1), RMB 11,833.33/ton, a decrease of 5.28%.

The prices of 441# silicon in various regions on the 19th are as follows

The price range of #441 metal silicon in Fujian area is 10,700-10,800 yuan/ton, the price range of #441 metal silicon in Sichuan area is 11,000-11,100 yuan/ton, the price range of #441 metal silicon in Kunming area is 10,900-11,000 yuan/ton, Shanghai area# 441 metal silicon price range is 11,700-11,900 yuan/ton, Tianjin Port #441 metal transaction range is 11,300-11,500 yuan/ton, Huangpu Port #441 metal silicon price range is 11,200-11,400 yuan/ton.

After recovery in July, the price of silicon metal is improving

In the early days, the price of silicon metal fell endlessly, and the price of silicon metal bottomed out in early July. The logic of this round of rising: on the supply and demand side, the resumption of production by large factories is delayed, downstream centralized procurement and superimposed traders are hunting down the bottom and stockpiling, coupled with the willingness of low-priced manufacturers to stand up for the price.

Transportation restrictions in Xinjiang in August, relatively tight supply in the north, market price increases are expected to be strong. At present, there are abundant orders for silicon plants, less capital pressure, and willingness to keep prices; affected by the rising rainwater level in some parts of Sichuan, two silicon plants have suspended production of three submerged arc furnaces due to heavy rain affecting the cooling water circulation. The supply of downstream organic silicon plants may Subject to certain influence.

The market outlook may focus on maintaining stability

The downstream organic silicon market is very good, the supply and demand side of metal silicon has improved, and the manufacturers' willingness to pay prices remain unchanged. It is expected that the recent silicon price will be strong.

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