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SunSirs: Upstream Support Strong, PC Rose In Peak Season September (9.1-9.30)

October 10 2019 11:16:33     SunSirs (Eva)

1.Price Trend

According to the data monitored by SunSirs, the domestic PC market rose strongly in mid-September, and then showed a downward trend. As of September 30, the average price quoted by domestic producers and traders for Bayer 2805 was about RMB 1913.33 yuan/ton, up 0.88% from the beginning of the month.

2.Cause analysis

At the beginning of September, China began to impose anti-dumping duties on Phenol in the United States. Bisphenol A in the upstream of PC entered the upstream channel, and the focus of domestic spot quotation moved up. Businessmen are willing to offer. By mid-September, production cost support was further strengthened, and the sentiment of BPA speculation remained unchanged. By late September, the downstream pre-festival stockpiling was basically completed, and the enthusiasm for buying declined. Actual turnover shrank and BPA boom cooled down. Buyers operate cautiously and factories buy and trade mainly to digest the rising trend. Recent domestic bisphenol A spot offer has fallen, which weakens the cost support of domestic PC. This month is the traditional peak season of PC "Golden Nine", the atmosphere of replenishment is growing. In addition, the supply of bisphenol A in the upstream tends to be tight, and the enthusiasm of the downstream factories to stock up slightly changed. Near the end of the month, the downstream stock is basically completed. At present, PC is in a high callback visible to the naked eye. Inventory enthusiasm has declined, downstream buyers gradually limited operation, cautious wait-and-see mentality. Businessmen have obvious willingness to sell goods at profit.

3.Future Market Forecast

PC analysts believe that the domestic PC market rose in September, the upstream bisphenol A market soared and fell, and the cost-side support for PC increased first and then decreased. The downstream "Golden Nine" double standby boom pushed up the market in the middle of the year. At present, the standby is basically completed, and buyers'enthusiasm is reduced. The willingness of merchants to sell goods is obvious. The domestic PC market is showing a high decline. It is expected that the PC spot will continue to operate in the near future. It is suggested that close attention be paid to domestic supply and demand.

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