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SunSirs: The Domestic Dimethyl Ether (DME) Market Rose Broadly (9.23-9.30)

October 09 2019 14:22:39     SunSirs (Selena)
  1. Price Trend

The dimethyl ether (DME) market fell first and then rose in the last week of September. The average market price of DME was 3,070 RMB/ton on September 23 and 3,320 RMB/ton on September 30. Within a week, the price of DME rose 8.14%, which was 31.9% lower than that of the same period last year.

  1. Analysis of Influencing Factors

Products: In the last week of September, the market price of DME (Henan) rose, and the trading atmosphere was good. As of September 30, no quotation has been made for the parking and maintenance of equipment such as Yutai in Hebei, Lankao Huitong in Henan, Qinyang Shengxin in Henan, Shanxi Orchid Science and Technology Venture Co., Ltd., and for the breakdown of Yima Xinyuan DME plant in Henan. The ex-factory price of DME of Qinyang Shengxin in Henan was 3,370 RMB/ton, of Henan Xinlianxin Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. was 3,270 RMB/ton, of Hebei Jichun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was 3,350 RMB/ton, of Shandong Dezhou Shengdeyuan Co., Ltd. was 3,370 RMB/ton, and of Shandong Yuhuang was 3,290 RMB/ton.

Industry chain: In the last week of September, the domestic methanol market continued to rise. On September 23, the average price of methanol market was 2,192 RMB/ton, on September 30; the average price was 2,307 RMB/ton. Within the week, it rose by 5.28%, and the price fell 28.81% compared with the same period last year. Meanwhile, the domestic liquefied petroleum gas (Shandong) market shocked and fell, with the average price of liquefied petroleum gas on September 23 at 3,833.33 RMB/ton and on September 30 at 3,760 RMB/ton. Within a week, the price fell by 1.91%, 23.98% compared with the same period last year.

In the last week of September, the DME market rose significantly. Although the gas market was weak, the raw methanol continued to rise, bringing obvious benefits to the DME market. In addition, due to the influence of National Day, some manufacturers stopped production before the holidays and downstream replenished goods before the festival. The situation of oversupply in the market had changed. Manufacturers shipped smoothly, inventory was low, and prices had been rising all the way. Gas ether price difference narrowed that week, and the price difference of gas ether in Henan was about 225-550 RMB/ton.

Industry: According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, in the 38th week of 2019 (9.23-9.27), there were four kinds of commodities rising annually in the energy sector, one of which rose more than 5%, accounting for 6.3% of the monitored commodities in the sector; the first three commodities were dimethyl ether (5.37%), methanol (4.74%) and asphalt (1.48%). There were nine kinds of commodities that declined annually. The first three products were liquefied natural gas (-3.12%), WTI crude oil (-2.89%) and Brent crude oil (-2.40%). Average gains and losses that week were -0.29%.

  1. Market Forecast

SunSirs’ DME analysts believe that the current market supply reduction eases the contradiction between supply and demand, but after the parking plant restart device, market supply will still increase. As prices continue to rise, they have risen to a relatively high level, and the downstream acceptance capacity is limited. It is expected that the future stock will fall.


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