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SunSirs: Demand Increases, Upstream Support Stronger, PA6 Offer Rose in September (9.1-9.30)

October 09 2019 13:27:14     SunSirs (Eva)

1.Price Trend

According to the data of the SunSirs list, the domestic PA6 market was generally stronger in September, most of the brand quotations were raised, and some brands were higher and lower at the end of the month. Traders'mainstream offer price of 2.75-2.85 for Sino-Viscose is about RMB 14566.67 yuan/ton, up 6.72% from the beginning of the month.

2.Cause analysis

The caprolactam liquids in the upstream of PA66 showed a strong trend in September, with the low-price spot decreasing and the price rising steadily. Low-priced spot gradually decreased, the market shocks and rises. This month, the international crude oil shocks sharply, affecting the rising cost-side pure benzene linkage, spot supply is still tight, producers and traders are still selling at low prices. The downstream inquiry atmosphere has improved, the enthusiasm of raw material purchasing in the slice Market has improved in the mid-term affected by the "two-section" inventory, and nearly the end of the month, the inventory has been basically completed, and the demand has returned to a stable level. The mindset of the operator is still acceptable and the operation is cautious. It is expected that caprolactam will run steadily in the near future, and caprolactam will support the cost of PA6 to a certain extent. In this month's "Jinjiu" traditional peak season, demand has improved to some extent. However, the supply of PA6 in domestic factories has an expanding trend, and the hot standby cooling at the end of the month has resulted in a shrinking demand. Businessmen'quotations recovered and stabilized after rising. Domestic traders and buyers were cautious and cautious in their wait-and-see operation.

3.Future Market Forecast

SunSirs analysts believe that the domestic PA6 market in September after the peak season of consolidation. Upstream caprolactam supports the cost end of PA6. Spot supply of PA6 in China is expanding this month. The downstream pre-season stock of PA6 has brought a period of peak season. At present, the demand has turned to flat. PA6 is expected to continue to be sorted out in the near future.

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