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SunSirs: London Lead and Shanghai Lead Shock Slightly when Closing at Night

July 17 2020 08:38:17     SunSirs (Linda)

The BPI of the commodity price index on July 15 was 752 points, which was the same as July 14 and was 26.20% lower than the highest point in the cycle of 1,019 points (2012-04-10) and 660 points higher than the lowest point on February 03, 2016. It rose by 13.94%. (Note: Period refers to 2011-12-01 to present).

The lead commodity index on July 15 was 93.95, a decrease of 0.31 points from July 14 and a decrease of 29.89% from the highest point in the cycle of 134.01 points (2016-11-29) and 74.63 points from the lowest point of March 19, 2015 It has risen by 25.89%. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to present).

Fundamentals in New York, the US dollar index fell 0.21% to 96.0376; the offshore RMB rose 0.41% against the US dollar, and USDCNH reported 6.9823; the Federal Reserve's Beige Book report showed that consumer activities began to recover due to the lifting of the embargo by many states, and the US economy was at 7 A recovery sprout appeared at the beginning of the month, but the outlook remains highly uncertain; the monthly rate of industrial output in June in the United States: 5.4%; expectation: 4.3% ; previous value: 1.4%; three departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: organizing new energy vehicles to go to the countryside; OPEC The Joint Ministerial Supervisory Committee JMMC held a meeting, and each member country reviewed the OPEC monthly report released previously , discussed the global crude oil market situation since the June 18 meeting, and analyzed the energy demand prospects in the second half of the year, and finally decided to let the exist ing The production reduction agreement entered the second phase. That is, from July 2020 to the end of the year, the scale of production reduction was reduced to 7.7 million barrels/day, and the third stage from January 2021 to April 2022, the scale of production reduction was 5.8 million barrels/day. At the OPEC plenary meeting in June, member states unanimously agreed to extend the first phase of the agreement for one month. Crude oil market: As of July 16, Beijing time, the current Brent closed at $44.285/barrel, up $0.615 from the previous trading day, or an increase of 1.41%. WTI closed at US$41.4/barrel, up US$0.85 or 2.1% from the previous trading day. Affected by this, London's nonferrous metals were mixed, and as of the close, London copper fell 1.62%, London aluminum fell -0.24%, London zinc rose 0.41%, London nickel fell 0.48%, London tin rose 0.06%, London lead rose 0.14%; The domestic market closed down across the board, with Shanghai copper dropping the most, at 2.25%, S hanghai Aluminum down 1.24%, Shanghai Zinc down 0.61%, Shanghai Lead down 1.69%, Shanghai Nickel down 0.66%, Shanghai Tin down 0.88%, and Screw down 0.29%, Stainless steel fell 1.03%.

London lead trend: LME lead opened at US$1,850/ton, the highest was US$1,872.5/ton, and finally reported at US$1,853.5/ton, up 0.14%.

Shanghai lead trend: Shanghai lead opened at 15,390 yuan/ton, the lowest was 15,055 yuan/ton, and closed at 15,110 yuan/ton, a decrease of 1.53%.

The peak season of lead-acid batteries is about to enter in the near future, and the price of batteries is expected to rise, but the fundamentals of spot lead and recycled lead are still weak recently. The market is mainly affected by the futures market. It is expected that today's price consolidation will be the main factor.

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