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SunSirs: In The Second Quarter, N-propanol Rose More Than 16%

June 09 2020 11:04:21     SunSirs (John)

According to the price monitoring data of SunSirs, as of June 5, the domestic reference price of mainstream n-propanol-containing packaging quoted average price was around 11,700 RMB/ton, which was an increase of 533 RMB/ton or 4.78% compared with the price on June 1. Compared with the beginning of May, it rose by 866 RMB/ton, up 7.04%, and compared with the beginning of April, it rose by 1,633 RMB/ton, an increase of 16.04%.

Since the second quarter of 2020, the domestic n-propanol market has been rising all the way, with an increase of over 16%

After the Spring Festival in 2020, due to public health incidents and logistics and other factors, the domestic n-propanol market has always been operating at a low level from February to March. The downstream was available for use, the demand was general, the factory produced on demand, and only supplied to contract users. Due to the difference in the actual development of chemical industry in various countries, there are also great differences in the application of n-propanol. Domestic n-propanol is mainly used as a raw material for the production of n-propyl acetate, and the market demand accounts for about 65%. The proportion of solvent is only about 8%.

Isopropyl alcohol rose sharply in April, driving n-propanol to fly with it

At the beginning of April, the domestic n-propanol market remained at a low level in the previous period. Until mid-April, affected by the sharp rise in the isopropanol market, the isopropanol market price once broke 13,000 RMB/ton, the inventory was low, and many downstream users Starting to replenish n-propanol as a solvent instead of isopropanol, therefore, since mid-April, the domestic n-propanol market demand has increased significantly, factory inventories are tight, and prices are also rising. According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, on April 30, the domestic average reference price of n-propanol ex-factory was 10,933 RMB/ton, up 900 RMB/ton from the beginning of the month, an increase of more than 8%.

N-propanol continued to rise steadily in May

Since the beginning of May, the price of isopropanol has dropped, and the previous gains are still the same. As a solvent, the advantage is still not significant, so the market of n-propanol this month is still steadily rising. According to the data monitoring of the business community, on May 31, the domestic average reference price of n-propanol was 11,166 RMB/ton, an increase of 230 RMB/ton from the beginning of May, an increase of more than 2.3%, and an increase of 1,100 RMB/ton from the beginning of April, an increase of nearly 11%..

On the first few days of June, the isopropanol market rose slightly again, driving the upswing of the n-propanol market. As of June 5, Nanjing area: the manufacturer Nanjing Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd., the n-propanol production facility was operating normally, the factory price of n-propanol for external water purification was 10,500 RMB/ton (export price of cash water purification). Shandong area: At present, the overall inventory of the n-propanol market is low, and the ex-factory price of purified water and the self-raising price including package from ports have all been raised by 500-1,000 RMB/ton.

On the upstream side, propylene oxide stabilized after a volatile market in May. The overall increase is still relatively obvious, with a monthly increase of 12.55% and a monthly amplitude of 26.61%. At the beginning of June, although the market price fluctuated slightly, the overall trend in May and June had a certain positive effect on the n-propanol market.

On the downstream side, the overall market of n-propyl acetate is relatively stable, and manufacturers' quotations are mainly stable. On the 3rd and 4th, some dealers made slight downward adjustments for smooth quotations for sales, which had little impact on the overall market trend.

According to the forecast of SunSirs: At present, the positive factors in the n-propanol market still exist. It is expected that the overall high market will operate steadily in the first half of June. In the case of low inventory, the market price may rise again.


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