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SunSirs: Metal Silicon (441 #) Prices Stabilized on May 21

May 22 2020 08:25:58     SunSirs (Linda)

441 # Silicon price trend

1. Product name: Metal Silicon (441 #)

2. The latest price (2020.May.07): 11,058.33 yuan / ton

The prices of 441 # silicon in various regions are as follows:

The price range of # 441 metal silicon in Fujian is 10,600-10,700 yuan / ton, the price range of Sichuan is 10,900-11,000 yuan / ton, the price range of Kunming region is 10,800-10,900 yuan / ton, the price range of Shanghai is 11,500-11,700 yuan / ton, the price range of Tianjin Port is 11,100-11,200 yuan / ton, the price range of Huangpu Port is 11,100-11,200 yuan / ton.

3. Analysis points:

The output of the southwest silicon production area has not increased significantly. Due to the influence of cost factors, the enthusiasm of the silicon plant in Yunnan area to resume production is not high at present. On the demand side, overseas demand has slowed, import and export trade has been light, and domestic consumption has gradually recovered. Recently, manufacturers have strong willingness to set prices, and downstream mainly purchases on demand.

4. Market forecast: At present, there is not much trading, and the short-term stable operation of metal silicon is mainly.

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