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SunSirs: Acetic Acid Market Is Stable and Firm

April 28 2020 13:35:17     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the bulk data monitoring of SunSirs, the domestic acetic acid market remained high and firm after continuous rise. As of April 27, the quotation in Henan was about 2,250-,2300 RMB/ton; in Shandong, it was about 2,350-2,500 RMB/ton; in Hebei, it was about 2,450 RMB/ton; in Shaanxi, it was about 2,450 RMB/ton; in Jiangsu, it was about 2,350-2,450 RMB/ton; in Zhejiang was about 2,450-2,550 RMB/ton; the quotation in South China was about 2,350-2,400 RMB/ton, which was 20.33% higher than that on April 7.


Analysis review   

Product: After experiencing continuous rises, the domestic acetic acid market began to return to rationality, the intention of pre-holiday traders and downstream markets weakened, and the market turnover declined. Due to the tight overhaul of the enterprises in the market, the stock of the market is tight, and the inventory has dropped to a low level. Many companies have long-term shipments, and some companies have limited shipments. At present, the acetic acid market remains high and firm.

Industrial chain: On the upstream side, the domestic methanol market is declining, and various regions adjust prices according to supply and demand. The downstream just needs to stock up, and traders are cautious. Currently, it is about 1,620 RMB/ton; Domestic acetate, vinyl acetate and other industries are running smoothly, and raw material support is favorable, but the demand in the end market is not good, and industry negotiations are soft; The PTA industry started operating at a high level, the market trading sentiment declined, mainly in forward transactions, the downstream demand was flat and the supply continued to increase, and the terminal weaving link started to fall further.

International: Affected by the epidemic situation and equipment maintenance, the supply of international acetic acid market has declined, and the price of acetic acid is still rising slightly. At present, the price of acetic acid Market in North America is about 485 US dollars/ton; that in Asia is about 280-330 US dollars/ton; that in Europe is about 570 euros/ton.


Market outlook

According to the acetic acid analyst of SunSirs, the domestic acetic acid market tends to be stable before the May Day holiday. Downstream users and traders have mostly completed the stock preparation, the market trading atmosphere has become weak, the spot supply in the future market has been set to decline, the downstream industry has started a higher operation, the demand for acetic acid is good, and the price of acetic acid is expected to be high and strong in a short time.


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