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SunSirs: BR Market Continued to Be Weak

April 01 2020 14:21:28     SunSirs (Daisy)

Product Name: butadiene rubber BR9000

Latest Price (On March 31): 7,950 RMB/ton

Analysis Points: On Tuesday (On March 31) domestic butadiene rubber market continued to be weak. According to SunSirs, today the market price of shun-butadiene rubber fell. Qilu, Dusanzi, Daqing Shun-butadiene rubber market mainstream reported 7700 ~ 7900 RMB/ton. Sichuan shun-butadiene rubber market mainstream reported 7350 ~ 7600 RMB/ton. The price of raw materials fell.

As of March 31, the domestic price of butadiene was 5127 RMB/ton. Coupled with the lower tire enterprises operating rate is not high, and the demand is relatively weak. Traders to give priority to inventory, and the overall market weak light.

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