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SunSirs: On March 26, the Market Price Trend of Ammonium Nitrate Declined

March 27 2020 11:27:33     SunSirs (John)

On March 25, the ammonium nitrate commodity index was 124.74, unchanged from March 24, down 0.42% from 125.26 (2020-03-15), the highest point in the cycle, and up 61.23% from 77.37, the lowest point on October 31, 2016. (Note: cycle refers to 2013-02-01 to now).

The domestic ammonium nitrate market price trend declined on the 26th, the average domestic price was 2,270 RMB/ton. The domestic ammonium nitrate manufacturers have started normal operation of the equipment, and the equipment in the field has been operating stably recently. Ammonium nitrate manufacturer's delivery market is general, and downstream purchase is on demand. Coupled with the impact of environmental protection and control, the domestic downstream civilian explosion industry still has more production suspensions, domestic ammonium nitrate manufacturers have limited starts, and the market price has fallen. As of now, the mainstream of negotiation in Shaanxi is 2,200-2,400 RMB/ton, the mainstream of negotiation in Shandong is 2,000-2,400 RMB/ton, and the price in Hebei is 2,100-2,600 RMB/ton. Affected by the poor shipment situation, some downstream manufacturers have not yet started construction. Demand for ammonium nitrate is limited, but the price of raw materials is at a low level, and the market price of ammonium nitrate has declined.

The price of the domestic nitric acid market has risen, and mainstream manufacturers in Jiangsu have offered at 1,600 RMB/ton. The mainstream manufacturers in Anhui offered about 1,600 RMB/ton. Shandong manufacturers offered about 1,750 RMB/ton, the price trend rose. The delivery of nitric acid has improved, the demand for nitro compound fertilizer has increased compared with that before, the price demand for nitric acid has increased, and the price trend of nitric acid market has increased. The upstream domestic liquid ammonia market is volatile and the domestic liquid ammonia market remains high. Some enterprises in the northern region rose slightly, but not much, at around 50 RMB/ton. The rise in upstream raw material prices has brought some positive support to the domestic ammonium nitrate price. However, due to the poor downstream demand and the poor market situation of ammonium nitrate products, the market price of ammonium nitrate has fallen.

The Ammonium Nitrate Analyst of SunSirs believes that the market price of nitric acid in the upstream raw material has risen recently, but downstream demand has not improved significantly. It is expected that the market price of ammonium nitrate may decrease slightly in the later period..


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