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SunSirs: Stimulate consumption? Silicone DMC price drops again

March 20 2020 15:17:40     SunSirs (Molly)

1. Price trend

According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, as of March 20, the average price of silicone DMC in several mainstream regions monitored by the data was around 17,000 yuan / ton, compared with a week ago (March 13), down by 1200 yuan / Tons, a drop of nearly 7%.

2. Market analysis

Product: The organic silicon market fell again this week. This round of weak market declines began to show signs of fluctuations from the end of February. Affected by international public events, there have been few orders for silicone DMC since the beginning of the year, but more than 2 months The accumulation of inventory has put pressure on some manufacturers. Beginning in March, the load was reduced, and quotations and equipment maintenance were reduced. Some manufacturers found ways to stimulate shipments. Prices also fell and fell. At present, manufacturers' inventory pressure still exists. Recently, foreign exports are also declining, there are more parking companies, and it is difficult to balance the overall supply and demand in the market. So far, the market's comprehensive quotation has been reduced again by 300-500 yuan / ton. The mainstream quotation of silicone DMC manufacturers is around 16500-17800 yuan / ton. The lowest quotation of some manufacturers has reached 16,000 yuan / ton, and the market price has almost dropped. At the low level, the cost of raw materials can be described as near negative, and it is expected that the subsequent decline in silicone DMC will be limited, and the market is expected to pick up soon.

Industrial chain: Upstream metal silicon market: Domestically, the market supply side is still low, and Xinjiang’s output has been reduced. It is difficult to increase the operating rate in March. It is expected that individual silicon plants in Yunnan will start production at the end of the month. Downstream 107 glue market: Affected by the decline in raw materials, the price of 107 glue for downstream products of organic silicon has dropped. At present, the market is under pressure, the terminal recovery is slow, and the downstream demand is insufficient. The current market quoted price is 17500-18000 yuan / Near ton, the market as a whole is weak.

3. Market Forecast

SunSirs analysts believe that at present, the silicone DMC market has fallen to a low point. Due to cost pressures, it is expected that there will be limited downward space in the future. The domestic market is gradually returning to normal. After the demand for downstream products has gradually increased, we hope that the silicone market will be as early as possible. Usher in spring.

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