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SunSirs: BDO Market Is Finishing in a Stalemate

March 19 2020 11:02:35     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

The domestic BDO market is weak. According to the sample data monitored by SunSirs, as of March 18, the average domestic BDO market price was reported at 9,760 RMB/ton, and the price fell 1.91% month-on-month and rose 7.77% year-on-year.


Analysis review   

Product: The domestic BDO market is in a stalemate. The factory start load is low, but the inventory pressure is high. Some manufacturers still have low-price shipment intentions. The downstream start-up is limited, and demand recovery is slow. The actual orders were discussed on the market, and the focus dropped slightly.

In terms of market, the BDO market in North China has a lower focus, limited support in the market, weak downstream demand, increased cautiousness in the market. There were some small orders in the market, and the atmosphere of the large orders was neglected. The BDO market in East China is weak, with limited downstream construction and enthusiasm for purchasing. Enterprise inventory is still difficult to digest, and some manufacturers continue to sell goods with interest, and the focus of negotiations on the floor is slightly lower. The BDO market in South China region is weakly sorted out. The factory equipment load is low, and the intention to survive the market still exists. However, the start of construction in the downstream is limited, and high prices have been suppressed due to market entry. The spot market negotiation focus has weakened slightly.

Industry: In terms of raw materials, methanol, the domestic methanol market as a whole remained weak, and prices in some regions continued to fall. In the mainland market, the demand side performed lightly, the contradiction between supply and demand still existed, and the mainland continued its downward trend. In terms of the port market, the fluctuations are mainly in a narrow range, and the overall volatility is not large. It is reported that the basis is slightly stronger, and it is still necessary to pay attention to market trends such as crude oil in the short term.

Calcium carbide: The calcium carbide market in the Inner Mongolia region fluctuated within a range. The mainstream ex-factory price of local first-class calcium carbide was around 2,700-2,850 RMB/ton. The manufacturers in this area have generally started the installation and the downstream reception is acceptable. As a whole, it is expected that the short-term market price will fluctuate within a narrow range.


Market outlook

On the positive side, the manufacturer's offer is firm, and the factory starts at a low level. On the negative side, the downstream demand is weak, and the negative mood is obvious. BDO analysts predict that the short-term domestic BDO market will focus on narrow range consolidation, focusing on downstream commencement and actual single transaction.


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