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SunSirs: The surge in demand for foreign disinfectants has stimulated the upward trend of isopropanol-acetone.

March 18 2020 14:33:34     SunSirs (Molly)

In March, the incident has spread to more than 100 countries, and medical protection supplies have become scarce. In just half a month, isopropyl alcohol rose sharply, and the industry is optimistic about the market outlook. Recently, with the increase in export orders for isopropyl alcohol factories, construction has begun. The increase in the rate led the acetone market to stop falling and rise.

Spreads abroad, demand for disinfectants increased, and exports of isopropanol increased

In February, the domestic disinfectant market under the influence of public events in the country attracted much attention, including fine chemicals, 84 disinfectants, bleach, chlorine-containing effervescent tablets and other chlorine-containing disinfectants, as well as chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, and peroxygen. Peroxide disinfectants such as acetic acid. The market activity of these products is relatively high. According to the monitoring data of the business agency, the isopropanol market is performing better after the holidays. Isopropanol has a smell like a mixture of ethanol and acetone, has a strong sterilization ability, and is a medium-effect disinfectant. In general, the scope of disinfection is the same as that of ethanol, and isopropyl alcohol can be used in compound disinfectants instead of ethanol. However, due to cost constraints, ethanol has a greater impact on isopropyl alcohol in the domestic disinfectant industry. Under the influence of domestic social public events, the domestic isopropyl alcohol market has not been driven upward. On the contrary, when domestic disinfectant supplies are sufficient, isopropyl alcohol Affected by the environment such as transportation, it fell from 7,100 yuan / ton before the festival to 5,700 yuan / ton.

Today, as the impact of foreign public events expands, the demand for disinfectants has soared, and some countries have restricted the import of alcohol, which has stimulated the domestic demand for isopropyl alcohol exports. At present, as export orders increase, factory operating rates Significantly improved, some factories have been closed and not reported, traders have a positive attitude, and have not been able to stop the loss, they have also adopted the closing of the market without reporting. According to the monitoring data of the business agency, the March 17 offer was 7,167 yuan / ton, entering March Increased by 20%, and the offer in South China pushed up to 7,500 yuan / ton, and this price is still relatively upside compared to FOB Rotterdam's price of 1300 US dollars / ton. At present, the development of the international epidemic is still in the outbreak stage. From the perspective of time, foreign demand for disinfectants will not weaken in April. If the export price maintains a favorable position, the short-term export volume of isopropyl alcohol will continue to increase.

Isopropanol rose 20%, operating rate increased, raw material acetone market pushed up

The demand for isopropyl alcohol in the European and American disinfectant market is unexpected. According to the monitoring data of the business agency, the isopropyl alcohol market has increased by 20%. What is even more unexpected is that the raw material acetone, taking the East China market as an example, was in East China before the holiday. The regional market offer was as high as 5700 yuan / ton. After the Spring Festival, market demand was sluggish and transportation was blocked. In February, the East China market fell below 5,000 yuan / ton. In March, a "black swan" followed closely. Crude oil plummeted by nearly 30%, causing the entire petrochemical sector to be hit hard, and acetone was inevitable. The acetone market in East China fell to 4,200 yuan / ton for several trading days. Seeing to break the "4" market, the disinfection market was rescued. Up to now, the three trading days in East China have pushed up 600 yuan / ton, and the acetone market has returned from the buyer's market to the seller's market overnight. According to the monitoring of the business agency, the offer in East China is 4,750 yuan / ton, the offer in Shandong and surrounding Yanshan is 4,450 yuan / ton, and the offer in southern China is 4,800 yuan / ton. Most of the holding traders have sold significantly before. Looking at the development trend of the market for a month, traders who had stockpiled goods before the holiday suffered serious losses. At present, there are many traders who are hesitant to sell in order to hedge losses and push up the market.

In summary, although the volume of isopropanol will not decrease in the next month, the price advantage is declining. Isopropanol is a medium-effect disinfectant. The price is already high. In the disinfection market, It can also be replaced. At present, there are very few bright products in the entire chemical market, especially in the current negative news of international crude oil. Both the supply and demand sides are bearish on the oil price market. The global petrochemical commodity market has become a downward trend, and the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates to zero and the market has entered. In the case of panic, except for medical supplies, it is difficult to find upside-down chemicals, the development of public events will gradually be controlled from the outbreak, and the demand for disinfectant imports in various countries gradually enters a reasonable range. SunSirs predicts that the isopropanol-acetone market will continue to Continue to push up, but the space to push up will definitely not double as the mask market. Under the current situation where the entire petrochemical product is green, the isopropanol-acetone market has attracted the attention of the chemical industry and has taken the lead in picking up the petrochemical market. The isoacetone-acetone market continued to rise in the second half of the month, and acetone is expected to exceed 5,000 yuan / ton, while the decline in other chemical products has slowed.

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