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SunSirs: Cryolite Market are Stable (3.9-3.13)

March 17 2020 13:57:45     SunSirs (Molly)

1. Price analysis

According to SunSirs data, the price of cryolite market this week is weak and stable. The average market price in Henan during the week was 5900.00 yuan/ton, which was 1.12% lower than the average market price of 5966.67 yuan/ton last weekend, which was a 7.33% decrease from the same period last year. 

2. Market analysis
Product: According to statistics, the price trend of cryolite is stable. As of the 13th, the ex-factory price of cryolite in Shandong area is about 6000-6950 yuan/ton; the ex-factory price of cryolite in Henan area is 5000-6700 yuan/ton, down by 200 yuan from last week/ton. At present, the cryolite enterprises in Henan region are operating normally, with sufficient inventory, and the manufacturers' quotes are mainly stable. The companies sell according to orders. Due to environmental protection policies, upstream raw materials are in short supply. The downstream users purchase on demand, and the cryolite market is weak and stable.

Industry chain: The price of upstream fluorite rose slightly this week. The average domestic market price at the weekend was 3,400 yuan/ton, up 0.99% during the week. Recently affected by health events, some fluorite manufacturers have not resumed production for the time being, the site utilization rate is not high, domestic fluorite supply is tight, downstream demand for the fluorite market to purchase on demand, the situation of goods delivery has improved, and the price of fluorite continue rising. In the downstream aluminum industry, the risk of overcapacity in the aluminum industry still exists, downstream consumption is not optimistic, the international trade situation is complex and changeable, and the industry's stable operation is still under pressure. Compared with 12,846.67 yuan / tonne at the beginning of the week, there was a decrease of 1.48%, and the overall price has not changed much.

3.Market forecast
SunSirs cryolite analysts believe that the current supply and demand performance of the cryolite market is that manufacturers are operating normally and have sufficient inventory. The downstream side tends to buy on demand, but due to the impact of upstream raw materials, the company's offer will not be adjusted much. Weak to maintain stability, and specifically focus on market demand.

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