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SunSirs: On February 13, Price of Metal Silicon (441#) was Strong

February 13 2020 13:49:56     SunSirs (Linda)

Metal silicon (441#) price trend:

1. Product name: metal silicon (441#)

2. Latest price (February 12, 2020): 12,108.33 RMB/ton

The price of 441# silicon in each region is as follows:

In Fujian, the price range is 11,700-11,800 RMB/ton; in Sichuan, the price range is 11,800-11,900 RMB/ton; in Kunming, the price range is 11,800-11,900 RMB/ton; in Shanghai, the price range is 12,600-12,800 RMB/ton; in Tianjin Port, the price range is 12,100-12,300 RMB/ton; in Huangpu Port, the price range is 12,200-12400 RMB/ton.

3. Analysis points:

On the domestic side, the logistics has not yet fully recovered, the supply of goods is generally tight, and the price of the goods holders is firm. With the increase of downstream enterprises after the festival, the market is expected to be strong.

On the foreign side, there is a strong demand in foreign countries, with a large amount of reserve consumption in the early stage and a low level of inventory. At present, there is a strong demand for replenishment of inventory. Several large-scale foreign aluminum alloy enterprises have started a new round of bidding, and they are worried about domestic supply, with a strong expectation of price increase.

4. Future forecast: it is predicted that the short-term operation of metallic silicon will be mainly strong.

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