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SunSirs: Price of Silicon Metal (441#) Rose on February 12

February 12 2020 16:17:32     SunSirs (Linda)

441# silicon price trend

1. Product name: silicon metal (441)

2. Latest price (February 12, 2020): 12,091.67 RMB/ton

The price of 441#silicon in each region is as follows:

The price range of metal silicon in Fujian is 11,600-11,800RMB/ton, in Sichuan is 11,700-11,900RMB/ton, in Kunming is 11,800-11,900RMB/ton, in Shanghai is 12,600-12,800 RMB/ton, in Tianjin port is 12,100-12,300 RMB/ton, in Huangpu port is 12,200-12,400RMB/ton.

3. Analysis points:

In the near future, two factors have been superimposed, leading to the positive market of silicon metal. Factor 1: domestic logistics is tight and spot supply is weak; factor 2: foreign demand is strong. On the one hand, the consumption of reserves before the festival is large, the inventory is low, and the demand for replenishment is strong; on the other hand, several foreign large aluminum alloy enterprises have started a new round of bidding, which is a combination of domestic supply concerns and strong price expectations.

4. Future forecast: the freight is tightening, and it is expected that the short-term operation of metallic silicon will be strong.

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