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SunSirs: The Price of Lithium Carbonate Was Still Difficult to Improve on January 13

January 14 2020 13:44:20     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the data of SunSirs, on January 13, the price of lithium carbonate was still at a low level, and the prices of industrial grade lithium carbonate and battery grade lithium carbonate of some enterprises were still slightly down. On January 13, the average price of industrial grade lithium carbonate in East China was 43,200 RMB/ton. On January 13, the average price of battery grade lithium carbonate in East China was 50,600 RMB/ton.


Analysis review   

Product: From the observation of market changes, it can be seen that the Spring Festival holiday is coming, the current turnover of lithium carbonate market is limited, and there is no obvious price fluctuation. Before the middle of January, the number of lithium carbonate stock enterprises began to decrease gradually, and the production enterprises basically made low-cost transactions in the form of cash. In the power market, downstream production cuts are common, demand is sluggish, and high-quality battery grade lithium carbonate is difficult to ship, and the seller does not intend to substantially reduce the price to compete for the limited market.


Market outlook

During the Spring Festival, lithium carbonate production enterprises began to enter the stage of shutdown and maintenance gradually, and the inventory level may be eased, but the price decline will slow down due to the decrease of demand. It is predicted that the price of lithium carbonate will hardly improve by this year.


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