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SunSirs: Silicone DMC Remained Firm at High Prices on January 10

January 11 2020 15:38:04     SunSirs (John)

On January 10, the domestic organic silicon market as a whole ran smoothly and the market was mainly organized. The silicone DMC price remained stable and firm. At present, the market supply is still tight. In January, the factory maintenance and parking plans have increased, and the factory has a high level of confidence in the offer. At present, the mainstream offer of silicone DMC market is 18,500-19,000 RMB/ton, and the low-price offer is near 18,300 RMB/ton. The intention of some factories to hold up price is relatively obvious, most of the factories do not offer quotes. As the Spring Festival moves closer and closer, the downstream silicone factory and other terminals are gradually closed, and the trading atmosphere has become deserted. However, the factory operating rate is low, and the manufacturers' inventory is basically free of pressure. In addition, some manufacturers have already booked orders after the year. Therefore, the organic silicon market is currently optimistic. DMC analysts of SunSirs predict that the silicone DMC market prices will be firm around the Spring Festival, and may increase again after the year.


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