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SunSirs: Spandex Price is Difficult to Boost Entering the End of 2019

December 27 2019 15:10:00     SunSirs (Linda)

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, the domestic spandex market has been stable for the time being. As of December 25, the average market price of 40D specification was 31,900 RMB/ton, down 8.33% year on year.

In the raw material market, the main offer price of PTMEG suppliers is stable, the downstream demand is general, and the main offer price of 1,800 molecular weight source is 15,000-15,500RMB/ton, and the main offer price of 14,000-14,800RMB/ton. Pure MDI market continues weak atmosphere, with limited demand support, lower hanging settlement price and lower negotiation focus. At present, the price of pure MDI market in North China is 15,800-16,100RMB/ton telegraphic transfer barrel, and that of pure MDI market in South China is 15,700-16,000RMB/ton telegraphic transfer barrel.

Recent changes of PTMEG plants in China



Capacity (10,000 tons/year)


Shanxi Sanwei

Hongdong Shanxi


In shutdown, no restart plan

Sichuan Tianhua

Luzhou Sichuan



Sinopec Great Wall Energy and Chemica

Yinchuan Ningxia


Two devices operate stabliy with 80% load

Shaanxi Shanhua

Huaxian Shaanxi


With 80% load

Henan Energy and Chemical

Hebi Henan


In shutdown

Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua

Changji Xinjiang


A 30,000t /year PTMEG device operates stably

Towards the end of the year, the terminal market gradually started the closing work, the demand follow-up was a little cautious, mainly to recover the payment for goods, although there were some shipments, but the overall situation was relatively weak. In addition, the trend of logistics and transportation gradually leaves, the order follow-up situation has decreased. At present, the downstream order follow-up in Fujian Province is not much, and the start-up level of lace market is around 30%, and the start-up level of warp knitting market is about 60%; the downstream market demand follow-up in Guangdong Province is cautious, the start-up level of circular machine is between 30-40%, and the start-up level of warp knitting is between 60-70%. In Zhangjiagang area, Jiangsu Province, the downstream market starts generally, and the cotton bale market starts at 60%. The downstream market of Zhuji District in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province started fairly well, and the starting level of yarn wrapping market remained at 70-80%.

SunSirs analysts believe that spandex supply is just goood, manufacturers actively shipping. This year's Spring Festival holiday is earlier than previous years. The terminal market is gradually entering the end of the year stage. In the early stage, there is a little stock, but the quantity is relatively small, so it is prudent to purchase. At the same time, the overall situation of the textile industry this year is not good, and the enterprise's capital chain is very tight. Especially near the end of the year, with the increase of holiday manufacturers, it is expected that spandex market will be difficult to boost.

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