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SunSirs: Rubber And Plastics: EPS is Weakly Sideways And the Transaction is Dull

December 23 2019 13:05:00     SunSirs (Daisy)

1. Price Trend

At the beginning of this week, the EPS price was 9,187 RMB/ton, and at the end of this week, the EPS price was 9,150 RMB/ton, with a slight drop of 0.41%. The market was weak and the transaction was flat. Traders and downstream factories have low enthusiasm for receiving goods, and wait-and-see mentality dominates. So it is difficult to improve the current situation of sluggish transaction.

2. Market Analysis

EPS Market: EPS market price fell. Wuxi Xingda EPS factory price, common material quotation is 9,100 RMB/ton. The ex-factory price of Dongying Hairong EPS is 9,050 RMB/ton for common materials. The ex-factory price of Jiangyin Hupao EPS is 9,100 RMB/ton for common materials.

3. Market Forecasting

It is difficult to mobilize the enthusiasm of the downstream plants of EPS to receive goods and to improve the current situation of sluggish demand. Market shows no signs of improvement in the market, and traders are anxious. It is expected that without the guidance of highlights, the EPS market may continue to be weak in the short term.

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