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SunSirs: The Price of Corn Starch Moved Forward Slightly in August

September 06 2019 11:23:53     SunSirs (Eva)

  1.Price Trend

  According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the price of domestic corn starch fluctuated slightly in August. On August 1, the average price of edible first-class corn starch was RMB 2523.33/ton, and on August 30, the average price was RMB 2526.67/ton, a slight increase of 0.13%.

  2.Cause analysis

  In August, the state reserve auction still operated normally. With the support of policy, the domestic corn market price fluctuated slightly relative to the high level. With the outgoing of stale grain and the small amount of early spring maize coming into the market in some areas, the domestic maize market supply is more relaxed, and the main body of upstream and downstream trade has a strong wait-and-see attitude. In August, the domestic maize market price is stable, moderate and weak. Processing costs slightly declined, starch demand was not up to expectations, the peak season was not strong, starch inventory continued to be high, starch processing profits continued to shrink, resulting in some manufacturers are still in the state of shutdown maintenance. With the end of the maintenance season, shutdown enterprises resumed production one after another, starch industry overall start-up rate has rebounded. Continued weakness, relatively stable cost, multi-empty game, the domestic corn starch market prices as a whole rise and fall in the dilemma.

  3.Future Market Forecast

  Corn starch products analysts believe that: corn prices weakened again, processing profits continued to be low, terminal starch demand continued to be low, starch inventory as a whole high, many negative pressures, starch prices rose in September as a whole pressure.

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