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SunSirs: Building Material, Views on the Rise and Fall of Wastepaper on December 9
December 09 2019 18:11:55SunSirs(Selena)

Commodity name: waste paper

Latest price: 2,140 RMB/ton

Key points: the price of waste paper continues to rise slightly, but the range of the rising trend is gradually narrowed, and the price rise is due to the fact that the raw materials of each paper factory are less arrived. From the perspective of finished paper, at present, in the new year's Spring Festival stock season, the box board corrugated paper market, under the leadership of leading paper enterprises, shows a strong trend, which also gives a certain support to the national waste market.

Market forecast: in recent days, a small number of waste paper suppliers began to stock, and the arrival of waste paper in some paper mills gradually increased. It is expected that the short-term waste paper market will be mainly stable, and some paper mills will increase price slightly.


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