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Chloroform News
SunSirs: The Market Price of Chloroform Rose Sharply (September 20-27)
September 28 2022 10:21:58SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the data of SunSirs, the chloroform market rose sharply this week (9.20-9.27). As of September 27, the price of chloroform bulk water in Shandong was 4,100 RMB/ton, up 18.84% from the price of 3,450 RMB/ton on last Tuesday.

Analysis review

Although the Jinling plant was upgraded to full capacity this week, Luxi Chemical closed the plate for some reason, and the supply of chloroform in the region was once tight, which pushed the price of chloroform to rise sharply.

Domestic methane chloride production increased slightly.

This week (9.20-9.27) the spot price of methanol fluctuated higher, and the cost of chloroform became stronger. According to the understanding of SunSirs, as of September 27, the spot price of methanol was 2,805 RMB/ton, an increase of 3.51% from the price of 2,710 RMB/ton on last Tuesday. The domestic methanol market fluctuated higher. As an energy product, coal continued to be in short supply, and methanol had strong cost support.

On the one hand, downstream refrigerants, pharmaceuticals and other industries were operating steadily; on the other hand, in the "golden September and silver October", the operating rate of printing and dyeing, ink and paint industries increased, which had certain support for chloroform.

Market outlook

The methane chloride data analyst of SunSirs believes that although the supply side increased slightly at the end of the month, there is still some support from the cost side and demand side, and continues to support for chloroform. It is expected that the rising trend of chloroform will be suspended in the short term, and the price will be firm. After this round of sharp rise, the chloroform market has also accumulated a certain degree of risk, and it is expected that there may be adjustments after the holiday.

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