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SunSirs: Favorable Support, China Egg Price Rises
August 26 2022 14:11:40SunSirs(Selena)

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the price of eggs at the beginning of this week was 10.21 RMB/ kg, and the price of eggs at the end of this week was 10.64 RMB/ kg, up 4.21% and 8.90% compared with the same period last year.

Market analysis

At present, the time is approaching the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day. The operating rate of downstream food processing plants has significantly increased, and the demand for Hebei powdered eggs and egg yolks has significantly increased, which has further pushed up the prices of the above varieties. The high temperature and drought continue, and many places use electricity in an orderly manner. Due to the power limitation and production restriction of feed plants, the feed delivery speed slows down, the feed price continues to rise, and the free range farmers take the initiative to reduce production capacity to meet the challenge, tightening the future supply of eggs.

This week, the corn price was stable but strong, and the egg price was stable but weak, which led to a slight decline in the breeding profit of laying hens. The national average breeding profit this week was 0.83 RMB/ catty, down 0.15 RMB/ catty on a week-on-year basis and 0.53 RMB/ catty on a year-on-year basis; This week, the sales volume of the representative sales area was 7,168 tons, with a month on month decrease of 2.77% and a year-on-year decrease of 7.92%.

Market forecast

Due to the rising temperature and insufficient water supply, the enthusiasm of free range farmers to supplement the market is not high. The market holds a reduction expectation for the egg production in August. Superimposed on the Mid Autumn Festival and the opening of the University, the spot price still has an upward momentum. It is expected that the egg price will mainly rise slightly in China.


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