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Chlorinated Paraffin News
SunSirs: General Trading, the Price of Chlorinated Paraffin Fell in China (August 5-11)
August 12 2022 08:52:33SunSirs(Selena)

Price trend

According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, the average ex factory price of domestic chlorinated paraffin 52 was 5,883 RMB/ ton on August 5, and the average ex factory price of domestic chlorinated paraffin 52 was 5,783 RMB/ ton on August 11. This week, the price of chlorinated paraffin dropped 1.70%.

Market analysis

Chlorinated paraffin prices fell this week. The price of chlorinated paraffin raw material liquid chlorine and liquid wax decreased, and the cost support was insufficient. The downstream demand for chlorinated paraffins is weak, the trading volume in the field is general, and the downstream is mainly cautious and wait-and-see. This week, the operating rate of chlorinated paraffin enterprises is about 60%. As of August 11, the ex factory quotation of chlorinated paraffin 52 in Anhui is about 5,800 RMB/ ton, the ex factory quotation of chlorinated paraffin 52 in Northeast is 5,000-5,500 RMB/ ton, and the market quotation of chlorinated paraffin 52 in Shandong is 5,850-6,000 RMB/ ton.

In terms of raw liquid wax, the price of liquid wax fell first and then rose this week. The price of liquid wax began to fall at the beginning of the week following the change of crude oil market, and the market began to strengthen on Wednesday. The on-site transaction is average. In terms of raw material liquid chlorine, the price of liquid chlorine rose and fell this week, and the overall market was stable. Shandong has a large inventory of liquid chlorine, the price is mainly downward, and the market demand is insufficient.

Market forecast

SunSirs chlorinated paraffin analyst believes that the current market demand for chlorinated paraffin is sluggish, the trading atmosphere is poor, and the trading volume is relatively small. The raw material market weakened, the cost of chlorinated paraffin decreased, and the raw material market rebounded slightly at the weekend. It is expected that the price range of chlorinated paraffins in China will be weak and volatile in the short term.


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