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SunSirs: The Price of Gasoline and Diesel in China Shandong Refinery increased on August 9
August 10 2022 09:57:16SunSirs(Selena)

On August 9, the price of refined gasoline and diesel in Shandong Province rose. The price of 92# gasoline in China was 8634.40 RMB/ ton, and the price of 0# diesel in China was 8,007.80 RMB/ ton. The price of gasoline and diesel in the field rose. The start-up of refinery units was slightly lower, the production and sales rate was good, and the price of finished oil was higher. The transaction price of 92# gasoline for national six vehicles is 8,500-8,700 RMB/ ton; The transaction price of 95# gasoline for national six vehicles is 8,600-8,800 RMB/ ton; The transaction price of 0# diesel for vehicles in the sixth national road is 7,800-8,000 RMB/ ton. The demand for gasoline is normal. The travel radius of private cars in summer is increased, but the epidemic situation has restrained the demand. The overall demand for gasoline is less than expected, and the gasoline price has not increased much. The recent increase in diesel demand, coupled with the decrease in supply, has increased the price of gasoline and diesel in the field.

The settlement price of the main contract of WTI crude oil futures in the United States was US $90.76 /barrel, up US $1.75 or 1.97%; The settlement price of the main contract of Brent crude oil futures was US $96.96 /barrel, up US $1.73 or 1.82%. The international oil price rebounded at the low point, after the employment data of the United States in July showed an eye-catching performance, adding that China's export growth rate exceeded expectations, diluting the negative impact of economic recession. In addition, market participants still believe that the current situation of energy shortage is more serious than the general expectation in the first half of the year, and the oil market has been boosted. It is expected that the price of oil products will rise in the later period in China.


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