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SunSirs: Market Analysis of Ethylene Oxide This Week (November 18- 22)
November 25 2019 10:59:50SunSirs(John)

Price trend

Today, the price of ethylene oxide in Northeast China is increased by 100RMB/ton, and the adjusted price is 7900RMB/ton. The price in other regions is still stable. The ex factory price in East China is 7600RMB/ton, and that in North, South and central China is 7800RMB/ton.


Analysis review        

The upstream ethylene continued to fluctuate at a low level, and the outside traders tried to push up the price. The downstream ethylene glycol was still in the de stocking situation. The overall starting load picked up slightly, and the downstream demand was good. Some continued to push up. Affected by the construction period, the demand in the northern region increased, and the trading atmosphere increased. The current situation of ethylene oxide plant is that one unit in East China is under maintenance, one unit is under low load operation, and the overall support surface is stable.


Market outlook

The market mentality is relatively stable, and the market is mainly stable.


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