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SunSirs: Ethylene oxide briefing last week
June 14 2022 14:38:32()

Ethylene oxide was reduced by 350 RMB/ton last week. At present, the ex factory price is unified at 7350 RMB/ton and operates steadily.

In the upstream, the operating rate of ethylene downstream is low and the production profit is declining, the demand side is restrained, and the overall sentiment of the Asian ethylene market is still bearish. However, the crude oil continues to fluctuate at a high level. Affected by the profit margin, the ethylene operating rate has dropped. Most producers are expected to focus on their own use and contracts, and the spot market may be tightened.

Ethylene oxide is currently produced at a discount. If the current price of outer disc ethylene is maintained, there may be little room for ethylene oxide to be reduced. Some cogeneration units have increased the output of ethylene glycol. The demand of the downstream single market has improved. The single dealers mainly sell goods at low prices and have limited profit space. However, the current real estate market is in a downturn. Despite the favorable policies, it takes time to transmit to the terminal. In addition, the South enters the plum rain season and other factors have inhibited the single market, so the demand in the short term is still not optimistic.

Forecast: limited rise and fall, pay attention to the recovery of downstream demand.

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