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SunSirs: Domestic polysilicon market is stable
May 25 2022 10:49:41()

At the beginning of last week, the price of domestic polysilicon remained stable. The operating rate of downstream silicon wafer manufacturers is stable. Since May, Longji, a large silicon wafer manufacturer, has not adjusted the price. At the end of last week, the quotation of some models in central was increased, which may bring upward pressure to the downstream in the later stage. Domestic polysilicon manufacturers have started normally. Up to now, most of the devices of major domestic silicon material manufacturers have started normally. At present, there are 1-2 small-scale maintenance, which has a limited impact on the output. In addition, the output released by the newly put into operation units is less than expected, and the supply and demand are mainly in tight balance. In the downstream of silicon wafer, the price of battery wafer continued to be stable this week. Terminal components generally resist high prices and may continue to limit the mobility of silicon materials in the later stage. According to the monitoring of business society, the mainstream transaction price of polycrystalline silicon with the model of primary solar material in China is currently in the range of 220000-230000 RMB/ton, and the mainstream range of monocrystalline silicon material is in the range of 252000-265000 RMB/ton.

Note: the above prices are tax inclusive.

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