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SunSirs: On May 18, the ex factory quotation of some domestic butadiene manufacturers increased
May 18 2022 14:52:03()

The 30000 T / a butadiene unit of Liaoyang Petrochemical plant is in stable operation, and there is no online export plan of goods source for the time being.

Inner Mongolia Jiutai energy's 70000 T / a butadiene oxidative dehydrogenation unit operated stably, and the quotation was increased by 100 RMB/ton to 10100 RMB/ton.

The 100000 t / a butadiene oxidative dehydrogenation unit of Jiangsu silbang Petrochemical has been shut down since September 14, 2021, and there is no clear restart plan for the time being.

The 120000 T / a butadiene plant of Huajin in the North operates stably, with 208 tons of goods for export through competitive bidding, and the base price of the bidding is 9410 RMB/ton.

The 160000 T / a butadiene extraction unit of Fushun Petrochemical operates stably. The source of 300 tons of goods is planned to be sold through bidding on May 9, and the base price of bidding is temporarily referred to as 9100 RMB/ton.

Dalian Hengli 140000 T / a butadiene plant is in stable operation. Recently, the domestic spot supply and export sales are limited, and the price is increased by 420 RMB/ton to 9980 RMB/ton.

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