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SunSirs:Tight supply and weak demand, and the market of POM was in a stalemate in April
April 28 2022 09:38:57()

According to the bulk list data of Sunsirs, the domestic POM market was deadlocked in April, and the spot prices of individual brands were adjusted in a narrow range. As of April 27, the ex factory price reference offer of POM injection molding sample enterprises of business society was about 22033.33 RMB/ton, with an increase or decrease of + 0.15% compared with the average price level at the beginning of the month.

Cause analysis

Industrial chain: upstream, the formaldehyde market price in Shandong Province fluctuated this month. Due to the impact of domestic public health events, the high-speed in some areas is subject to two-way import and export control, and it is difficult for formaldehyde products to be shipped at present. Although it rose in the middle of the year driven by the cost, the demand and shipment were poor, and the market continued to be under pressure. The supply in the mainland is relatively abundant, and most of the downstream purchase on demand. The board factory is weakened due to the difficulty of cargo transportation. The formaldehyde analyst of the chemical branch of the business society predicts that the recent decline in the price of formaldehyde in Shandong is mainly weak.

The fluctuation of the upstream formaldehyde market is weak, and the cost side support of POM is weakened. In terms of industry load, the news of resumption of work and maintenance of domestic POM enterprises in April is mutual. Although Tianye device will resume work at the end of the month, the maintenance of Gung mine in late October will have a positive impact on the market. The improvement of port arrival is limited, and the market supply is still compact. At present, there is no pressure on enterprise inventory and there are not many low-end sources of goods. However, the downstream demand continued to be weak, and buyers were more resistant to high price sources. They were cautious in preparing goods, and the main operation was to buy on bargain hunting to maintain production. Business mentality is not strong, mainly small orders. Domestic health incidents still affect the logistics and transportation in East China, and some demand is affected.

Future forecast

Business analysts believe that: in April, the domestic POM market was in a high stalemate, the upstream formaldehyde Market weakened, and the cost support of POM was general. The on-site supply is slightly tight, the load of downstream enterprises is poor, and there is no large-scale replenishment in procurement. The market supply is tight and the demand follow-up is insufficient. It is expected that the POM price may be adjusted in a narrow range in the short term and operate generally smoothly.

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