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SunSirs: Demand Is Weak, Spandex Prices Will Run Weakly
April 27 2022 14:38:00SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, the domestic spandex market has stabilized. As of April 26, the 40D specification was reported at 53,200 RMB/ton, which was unchanged from the previous trading day and fell 21.30% year-on-year.

Analysis review

The start-up of spandex industry remains at 8.3%, the spot supply is sufficient, and some manufacturers have accumulated stockpiles, and the actual transaction is negotiated individually.

The market price of raw material PTMEG is weak, the market price of 1800 molecular weight is 41,000-43,000 RMB/ton, and the negotiation evaluation is 40,000-41,000 RMB/ton. On the cost side, the decline of BDO has slowed down, and the market sentiment has been slightly supported, but the terminal demand is still weak. The domestic pure MDI market is stable, and the mainstream negotiated price in the market is 21,500-22,000 RMB/ton. The transportation efficiency is low, and the supply and demand are light. The listing of manufacturers in May will be announced in the near future, and traders are mostly waiting to see and ship at a stable price.

The spandex sales pressure has not eased. Affected by the epidemic, the terminal demand has shrunk sharply and the follow-up is insufficient. Most of them continue to purchase just in need, and the market transaction is average. At present, the operating rate of looms in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has rebounded slightly, maintaining a low level of 54%. If the weaving factory continues to reduce and stop production before May 1, the pressure on the shipment of spandex factories will still be high.

Market outlook

The analyst of SunSirs believes that the spandex market is mainly stable, and the current cost-side support role is acceptable, but the demand is weak. It is expected that the spandex market price will run weakly in the short term.

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