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SunSirs: Forecast today's domestic epoxy resin price
April 12 2022 13:30:36()

Epoxy resin East China liquid resin 25000-25500 RMB/ton Barrel Factory dilemma

The domestic epoxy resin market is in a dilemma, with large stability and small movement as a whole. The East China liquid resin market leaves the factory in barrels of 25000-25500 RMB/ton, which is a narrow increase compared with last week, and the low-end offer is reduced. The main reason is that the upstream raw material bisphenol a rose to 16550 RMB/ton in a narrow range, and the market supply of another raw material epichlorohydrin was expected to decrease due to the shutdown and maintenance of an enterprise. The offer rose to 19000 RMB/ton. On the whole, the cost rose slightly, which was supported. However, the logistics and transportation are still under great pressure, the circulation of products in the field is not smooth, and the terminal demand is poor. The reference price of liquid epoxy resin in East China is 25000-25500 RMB/ton; The reference price of solid epoxy resin is 22400-23000 RMB/ton.

Under the influence of raw materials, the offer of the carrier is firm, but the terminal receiving situation is general, and the short-term epoxy resin market is flat and stable.

Region Specifications Offer
East China E51 25000-25500RMB/ton
Shandong region E12 22500-23000RMB/ton

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