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Angelica Astragalus Codonopsis pilosula Flos Lonicerae Forsythia Ophiopogon japonicus Sanchi Wolfberry News
SunSirs: The Chinese herbal medicine market did not sell fast
March 23 2022 09:10:55()

The Chinese herbal medicine index rose by 25.56% from the lowest point of 1390-970 in May 2019, which was the highest point in May 2019, down from 1390-970 in May 2019. (Note: the period refers to the period from June 30, 2019 to now).

According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, in the 11th week of 2022 (3.14-3.18), there were 1 rising commodity, 1 falling commodity and 6 rising and falling commodities. The main commodities rising are: Ophiopogon japonicus (0.74%); The main commodities falling were astragalus (- 1.23%). The average rise and fall this week was - 0.06%.

1.Ophiopogon japonicus: 

The market volume of Ophiopogon japonicus from Shandong and Hubei is still small. Due to the unsatisfactory market during planting last year, the planting area is reduced, and the large amount of rain in the growth stage, the fruit bearing rate is low this year, the output is reduced, and the market is running firmly. Now the color selection of Shandong is about 52 yuan; The market of Sichuan goods fluctuates little. The price of pharmaceutical factory goods is 65-66 yuan and that of first-class goods is 72-75 yuan.

The new production of Ophiopogon japonicus in Mianyang, Sichuan continues, and the new goods compensate the inventory one after another. At present, the asking price of the local fresh pharmaceutical factory is 8.5 yuan, the asking price of good goods is between 9-11RMB/ kg, and the fresh and dry goods have been listed. However, because they are not fully dry, the merchants' purchasing efforts are general. The current trading price of the pharmaceutical factory is 62-63 yuan, the trading price of medium-class goods is 65-70 yuan, and the asking price of good goods is 73-75 yuan.

At present, the production of Ophiopogon japonicus in Hubei Province has entered the medium term. Due to the reduction of supply this year, the price of fresh goods continues to rise. At present, the price of local fresh goods is 8.1RMB/ kg, and the price of dry and unified goods was 50 yuan last year. Due to the low processing profit, we dare not process in large quantities.

2.Astragalus : 

At present, the supply source of Astragalus in the market is sufficient, the recent sales are general, and the price of the holder's bidding remains stable compared with the previous period. At present, the feeding price of Astragalus pharmaceutical factory in the market is 14-15 yuan, the price of medium strip is around 17 yuan, and the price of small tablets is between 22-23 yuan.

In Minle County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, Astragalus has a large supply source, which is generally sold in the near future, and the market remains stable compared with the previous period. At present, the unified price of local Astragalus is between 12-13 yuan.

Local operators in Minxian market purchased a large amount of Maoqi goods, and the trading volume was acceptable; Compared with the previous episodes, Jiezi has more buyers and more transaction sources. The overall transaction was stable and the transaction price was basically stable. The transaction price of 0.6-0.8cm Astragalus section is 26-30RMB/ kg, 1.0-1.2cm Astragalus section is 38-45RMB/ kg, the transaction price of Maoqi is about 13-14RMB/kg, the transaction price of Jingqi is about 17-20RMB/ kg, and the price of maoertiao is about 7.5RMB/kg (good dryness); The net transaction price of Article 2 is about 10-11RMB/kg.


The merchants of Forsythia have paid continuous attention, the market supply is normal, and the market is temporarily stable. At present, the price of boiled goods in green water is 115-120RMB/kg, raw and dried goods is 100-110RMB/kg, and the asking price of Huangtong goods is 95-100RMB/kg.

Forsythia in Lingchuan County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province has been popular recently. The reluctant selling mentality of goods holding merchants has strengthened, and the price has risen again. The asking price for full inspection is 115-117yuan, but the price is high, and merchants dare not rush to purchase goods. The transaction is mainly in small batches. The local supply of Forsythia suspensa in Shangzhou District, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province is not large. After the year, the supply has been sold in batches. At present, the recent market is still running strongly. At present, the price of local boiled Forsythia is between 107-108yuan. In the later stage, many merchants pay attention to the weather change.

4.Angelica sinensis: 

At present, it is in the planting period. Recently, the supply of Angelica  has been purchased and sold normally, and the market has remained stable compared with the previous period. Now the price of Angelica pharmaceutical factory is 40 yuan.

The flow of people in the Danggui market in Minxian county is basically stable, and there is no demand for goods from foreign merchants. The demand for goods is still dominated by local operators and processing households. There is a strong purchase intention for Danggui pharmaceutical factory and small goods source, and the trading volume has picked up. The overall transaction was flat and the transaction price was slightly weak. The transaction price of Angelica drug factory is 35-36RMB/kg, the transaction price of Angelica small strip is 37-38.5RMB/kg, and the transaction price of Angelica medium strip is 39-41RMB/kg; The transaction price of Angelica large strip (good strip) is 42-45RMB/kg.

5.Flos Lonicerae

The supply of Flos Lonicerae market is stable, the attention of merchants is not high, the supply is generally moving, and the market has declined slightly. Now the unified price of Hebei honeysuckle is about 140RMB/kg.

Recently, the attention of Flos Lonicerae merchants is not high. The transactions are mainly purchased by pharmaceutical factory personnel on demand. There are inventory available in the place of origin. There are not many merchants looking for goods. The quantity of this product is small. The merchants holding goods actively ship, and the price has declined slightly. At present, Shandong Linyi Flos Lonicerae super grade goods are about 135 yuan, primary goods are about 125 yuan, secondary goods are 115 yuan and tertiary feeding goods are about 100 yuan. Fengqiu honeysuckle in Xinxiang, Henan Province is available. 

Recently, some merchants are looking for goods. The supply of goods is generally moving, and the price remains stable. At present, the first crop includes the quantity goods, and the selling price is 135-145 yuan, excluding the quantity goods, 125-130 yuan, and 105-110 yuan for pharmaceutical goods. There are few merchants looking for Flos Lonicerae in Julu County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province. The supply of goods is generally sold, and the market remains stable. At present, the price of local green dried goods is about 120 yuan, the trading volume of super grade goods is small, and the bidding price is 130 yuan.


In March, the weather began to warm up and the temperature was gradually rising, which also meant that the sales of Wolfberry began to enter the off-season. Recalling the performance of Wolfberry since its new production last year, it has always been tepid; Even in the peak sales season at the end of last year, the market sales were still flat, and the market did not make a difference under the "bull market". There are various signs that the market of medlar may begin to decline.

At present, wolfberry fruit is affected by the epidemic, with fewer market buyers, less trading volume, stable market and sufficient source of origin. The price of 160 granules is about 55RMB/kg, the price of 180 granules is about 50RMB/kg, the price of 280 granules is about 45RMB/kg and the price of 380 granules is about 43RMB/kg.


The supply of Sanchi in the market is sufficient, the movement is not fast, and the market is temporarily stable. The price of 120granules Sanchi in Yunnan is about 112-120RMB/kg.

The market transaction of climbing Sanchi is very cold. The transaction price of dry Sanchi of various specifications is not ideal and it is difficult to sell at a good price. In addition, there are not many purchasing distributors, companies and pharmaceutical enterprises. The volume and transaction rate of dry Sanchi are low. The market is in a wait-and-see situation. The transaction rate of Ganqi market is about 3-40%. Most of the transactions that can be reached are cut in three years, and there are few transactions of Sanqi in other specifications. The transaction price of three-year cutting is 170-176 RMB/kg, the transaction price of winter seventh is 100-106RMB/kg, and the transaction price of unified goods is 106-116RMB/kg.

Recently, the transaction price of fresh seven is low. Even if seven farmers dig fresh seven for trading, they may not be able to sell it, and the transaction price is not ideal, resulting in a small number of fresh seven listed in recent days. If they continue to grow, the planting cost will increase, and seven farmers will fall into a dilemma.


The market volume of original dangshen products has increased compared with that in the early stage, with a high degree of attention. The merchants are mainly on the sidelines, the supply of goods is generally moving, and the market is basically stable. At present, the price of Dangshen pharmaceutical factory in the market is 41-43 yuan / kg, the price of medium article is 48-54 yuan / kg, and the price of Dangshen residue (short) is about 28 yuan / kg.

The flow of people in Minxian market is basically stable, with sporadic foreign merchants, and local processing and operating households buy a small amount of Dangshen as needed. The overall delivery of goods is slow, and the transaction price is basically stable. The transaction price of Dangshen pharmaceutical factory is about 40-43 yuan / kg; The transaction price of 0.4-0.6 specifications is 44-47 yuan / kg; The transaction price of 0.6-0.8 specifications is 50-60 yuan /RMB; The transaction price of 0.8-1.0 specifications is about 60-70RMB/ kg, and that of more than 1.0 specifications is more than 68 RMB/ kg.

Growers in neighboring counties purchase dangshen seedlings and slag seedlings, and local operators and growers purchase them on demand. The overall transaction is stable and the transaction price is weak. The transaction price of high-quality seedlings is between 16-20RMB/ catty; The transaction price of long and symmetrical seedlings is 13-15RMB/ catty; Medium and large seedlings 9.5-12RMB/ catty; RMB 6-9.5/kg; The young seedlings are 4.5-6 yuan / catty, and the residue seedlings are 3-4 yuan / catty.

Comprehensive market review and prospect this week:

This week entered the actual digestion stage after the year. The overall movement of the market is not fast, and it is still rising slowly at a high level. Merchants are cautiously optimistic about the future market. The cost pressure of pharmaceutical enterprises is increasing, and the purchase volume is greatly reduced.

Forsythia is popular, and the market of white peony, Salvia miltiorrhiza, cumin, medlar, Alisma orientalis, Fangfeng, ginseng, polygonatum, Coptis and other varieties is weak.

The new version of gap for Chinese herbal medicines has been released, which puts forward norms in the production quality management of Chinese herbal medicines, especially higher requirements for quality management. Therefore, practitioners must take quality as the core, take energy conservation and efficiency enhancement as the means, seek benefits from management, work hard to improve quality, improve quality, save energy and efficiency, and realize enterprise and social value.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact SunSirs with support@sunsirs


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