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SunSirs: The Market Price of Ammonium Nitrate is Temporarily Stable on 13th November
November 14 2019 11:06:32SunSirs(Daisy)

On November 13th, the ammonium nitrate commodity index is 121.05, which is the same as yesterday. It sets a new high in the cycle, which is 56.46% higher than the lowest point at 77.37 on 31th October 2016 (Note: The cycle refers to since 1st February 2013).

On 13th November, the domestic ammonium nitrate market price trend is temporarily stable. The domestic ammonium nitrate manufacturers are operating smoothly. The shipment of ammonium nitrate manufacturers is general. The downstream players purchases on exact demand. Meanwhile, influenced by environmental policies, more domestic downstream-civilian explosion companies are shut down. Ammonium nitrate manufacturers have a low operating rate. And the price trend in the market is temporarily stable. Till 13th November, the mainstream price in Shaanxi Province is negotiated at RMB 2,300-2,400 yuan/ton. The mainstream price in Shandong Province is RMB 2,200-2,300 yuan/ton, and the price in Hebei Province is RMB 2,300-2,500 yuan/ton. Due to environmental protection, some downstream manufacturers are forced to limit production or shutdown or begin to maintain in order to get the inspection from Ministry of Environment. The demand for ammonium nitrate is at a low level, but the raw material cost is well supported. Therefore, the market price of ammonium nitrate remains stable.

Recently, the price trend of domestic nitric acid market continues to be low. The mainstream manufacturers in Jiangsu Province quote at RMB 1,600 yuan/ton. The mainstream manufacturers in Anhui Province quote at around RMB 1,600 yuan/ton. Shandong manufacturers quote around RMB 1,650 yuan/ton. The price trend is weak. The shipment of Nitric acid is general. Furthermore, the low price of nitric acid has a certain negative impact on the ammonium nitrate market. The price trend of ammonium nitrate is temporarily stable. Meanwhile, the upstream domestic liquid ammonia market is sharply lower. Some enterprises in Shandong Province are declining, and prices in the northwest are declining as well. Some local ammonia supply is normal, especially for Shangdong manufacturers. The mainstream price in Shandong is RMB 2,800-3,000 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price in Hebei Province is RMB 2,750-2,900 yuan/ton. In addition, the decline of liquid ammonia market brings a certain negative impact to the downstream ammonium nitrate market. The market price of ammonium nitrate is temporarily stable. Recently, the market of downstream- civilian explosion companies has not changed much. The demand for ammonium nitrate market is limited. The inventory of ammonium nitrate manufacturers is higher, but the price of raw materials market remains high. The price of ammonium nitrate market is stable due to the general trend of the goods.

SunSirs’ ammonium nitrate analysts believe that the market price of upstream raw material-nitric acid continues to be low. And downstream demand is still at a low level. It is expected that the market price of ammonium nitrate will remain stable in the later period.

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