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SunSirs: The Phenol Is Lowered and The Acetone Market Continues to Rise on November 12
November 14 2019 10:43:30SunSirs(John)

Product Name: phenol


The latest price (East China/ November 12): 7050 RMB/ton


Analysis points:

On November 12th, Sinopec lowered the price of phenol by 250 RMB/ton and executed 7300 RMB/ton. Although the market is still upside down, the space in East China is relatively large, and the market for Yanshan market is higher. The attitude of the holders is generally stable, and the downstream procurement is just cautious. The intermediary business inquiry increased, but the transaction was light; the phenol market was dominated by a narrow range of fluctuations, and the wait-and-see attitude was full. It is expected that the domestic phenol market will operate stably today, and the reference range of the East China phenol market will be around 7050 RMB/ton..


Product Name: acetone


The latest price (East China/ November 11): 4850 RMB/ton


Analysis points:

In the new week, the domestic acetone market continued to rise, Shiyou parking recovered but less shipments, although the port has a source of goods arrived, but the market circulation is still tight, the sentiment of holding the rise of the merchant is not abated, the downstream terminals have been following up, the market low source of goods is difficult to inquire, the real deal follow-up is still OK, SunSirs expects that there is still room for acetone to go up this week, and the negotiation range of East China market is 4900 RMB/ ton or more.


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