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Sunsirs: PA66 daily review
March 09 2022 09:50:15()

According to the bulk list data of Sunsirs, the domestic PA66 market fell on March 8, and the spot prices of various plants decreased. The market of adipic acid, which is the upstream raw material, remained stable at a high level, the market transaction was stable. 

Adiponitrile market was limited, and the cost of PA66 was general. The device load of domestic PA66 enterprises is generally normal, and a production line in Huafeng, Zhejiang Province is overhauled. The cost pressure has suppressed the profits of PA66 enterprises and downstream enterprises to a certain extent. The end users have obvious resistance to high price goods, and the purchase and preparation operation is inclined to take as you use. The trading atmosphere in the venue is poor, and the merchant shipping resistance is large. 

It is expected that PA66 may be weak and difficult to change in the near future.

  • PA66  Medium stick, injection molding grade
Dealer place of origin place of delivery
Cixi Jieda Shenma Pingdingshan 34000yuan/ton
Huafeng Group Huafeng Wenzhou 33000yuan/ton
  • PA66 EPR27
Dealer place of origin place of delivery
Yuyao zhongyi Shenma Ningbo 37000yuan/ton
  • PA66 2720G
Dealer place of origin place of delivery
Yuyao zhongyi Shenma Ningbo 36000yuan/ton

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