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SunSirs: Magnesium Prices Ran Stably Last Week, Enthusiasm for Stocking up before the Holiday Warmed up Slightly (Jan.17-1.21)
January 24 2022 08:56:41SunSirs(Linda)

The magnesium ingot market was relatively stable last week. After the price response fell last week, downstream customers entered the market to purchase one after another. There was a small wave of concentrated replenishment before the festival. The market trading atmosphere improved. As of Thursday, mainstream areas The average spot exchange price including tax was 44,000 yuan/ton, and then the price dropped. According to the data monitoring of the business agency, as of the 21st, the mainstream quotation of magnesium ingots was 43,666.67 yuan / ton.

As of January 21, the specific price ranges in each region are as follows: Fugu region ex-factory spot exchange 44,400-44,500 yuan / ton including tax; Ningxia region ex-factory tax-included spot exchange 44,400-44,500 yuan / ton; Taiyuan region ex-factory tax-included spot exchange 44,500-44,600 yuan / ton; Wenxi area ex-factory tax-included spot exchange 44600-44700 yuan / ton.

Affected by the epidemic and the Spring Festival holiday, transportation has been blocked and suspended, and transportation vehicles have become increasingly difficult to find. Due to the backlog of overseas orders due to the suspension of transportation operations in Tianjin Port, some magnesium plants have been transferred to other ports for transportation, so transportation costs have increased. The production area was affected by the wind and snow, and the road icy transportation was blocked, and the price of magnesium ingots rose accordingly.

Recently, news of Shaanxi Lantan's rectification policy came out in the magnesium ingot market again. The atmosphere of hype was strong, which indirectly supported the market sentiment and pushed the market price to rise steadily. The analysts of the business agency believe that there is a tendency for more views on environmental protection policies. There is no "one size fits all" approach.

On the whole, the price of coal and ferrosilicon is basically stable in terms of cost, which has little impact on the price; the price of transportation costs is relatively high, especially for overseas orders for port operations and northern logistics, but these costs are also very few. In terms of supply and demand, many customers have completed stocking before the holiday, and there will be less demand next week. The magnesium market has gradually entered a closed state. In terms of transactions, more pre-sale is the main business. It is expected that the price of magnesium will be difficult to rise, and the price will be very narrow in the short term. stable range of operation.

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