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SunSirs: Supply and Demand of Spandex in the Chinese Market is not Ooptimistic, Price of Spandex remains Weak
January 17 2022 08:35:23SunSirs(Linda)

From January 10th to 14th, the spandex in the Chinese market maintained a downward trend. The average market price was 60,200 yuan/ton, down 2.59% from the beginning of the week and up 38.39% year-on-year. The 8.3% of the spandex manufacturers started a slight decline, but they are still relatively high. The downstream purchases are cautious, the market transactions are average, the actual transactions are limited, and the resistance of manufacturers to shipments has increased.

​The market price of raw material PTMEG fluctuated slightly, mainly due to the decline of the downstream spandex market, the consumption of PTMEG decreased, and the overall market demand weakened, but the operating rate of its own fell slightly to 7.8%, which still supports the price. At present, the molecular weight of PTMEG is 1800. Some quotations are at 46,000-48,000 yuan/ton, and the negotiated price is 45,500-46,500 yuan/ton. The pure MDI market continues to rise steadily. The overall supply of domestic manufacturers is limited, and the market is tight. Traders are reluctant to sell and bullish, and the quotations are rising steadily. customer price.

As the price of raw materials continues to fall, the downstream terminal market lacks confidence and lacks enthusiasm for purchasing high-priced raw materials. In addition, the current Chinese New Year atmosphere of terminal textile enterprises is getting stronger, and warp knitting factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang continue to reduce their burdens. Many have planned to suspend work and have holidays. The order situation is not good, new domestic trade orders are rarely heard, and new foreign trade orders are also significantly reduced.

From the perspective of the front-end cost, the raw material PTMEG is weak and declining, and the pure MDI market is stable and rising, and the supporting role will remain. However, the downstream terminal textile enterprises have the expectation of the Spring Festival holiday, and the demand will be further reduced. The supply and demand of spandex is difficult to be optimistic. In the short term, the price will remain weak.

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