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SunSirs: Before Spring Festival, Attention of China's Sanchi has Weakened, and the Market has Weakened as well
January 14 2022 08:35:51SunSirs(Linda)

1. Price Trend

Affected by the end of the year, merchants paid less attention than the previous period, and the market was weak. At present, the price of 120 heads of Yunnan sanchi was 118-130 yuan/kg, a slight drop of 1.15% from the previous month.

Sanchi has now entered the middle and late stages of production. In this bull market where other varieties are blooming everywhere, the market of sanchi is still in a cold market and cold trading. It can be seen that the attention to the market of sanchi is very low and very low. Whether it is the market or the origin operators are generally not optimistic about the market outlook of Sanchi.

Bozhou Market: The price of new sanchi in the market has declined. Affected by the sufficient inventory of old goods, the market is slow to move. Currently, 40 heads are around 145 yuan/kg, 120 heads are around 115 yuan/kg, and countless heads are below 100 yuan/kg.

Anguo market: Sanchi, affected by the end of the year, the attention of merchants is not as much as in the previous period, the supply of goods is purchased and sold normally, and the market is weak. Now the local price of 120 pieces of sanchi is 130 yuan, the price of 80 pieces of goods is 135 yuan, and the price of 60 pieces of goods is 140 yuan, the price of 40 pieces is 150 yuan, and the price of 20 pieces is 240 yuan.

Lotus Pond Market: Recently, the supply of goods in the Lotus Pond market is generally average, with few large goods moving around, and the supply of goods held by market merchants is sufficient. Among them, 30 heads in Yunnan are priced at 180 yuan, 40 heads are priced at 170 yuan, and 60 heads are priced at 150 yuan.

Wenshan, Yunnan Province: The Wenshan sanchi unwashed market in Yunnan has a lot of traffic, and the listing volume is about 120 tons. The best selling is the new product, the transaction price of the new product is mostly 54-59 yuan/catties. Small deal. There are not many people in the washing market, and Sanchi of various specifications and seven types are listed and traded. Hats 7, sliders of various specifications and various types of 7 have transactions, but the transaction volume is small. The fresh sanchi market has not much traffic, and the listing volume is about 40 tons. Three-year freshsanchi are listed in more quantities, and a grower sells two-year fresh sanchi. The transaction rate is low at around 2-3%. The transaction price of fresh sanchi in three years is mostly 13-15 yuan/catties, and the transaction price of fresh sanchi in two years is 8-11 yuan/catties.

2. Analysis of Influencing Factors

High stock of Sanchi

The new production period of sanchi this year is not like the past two years. Every year, a large number of stockists buy stocks. The overall production of sanchi this year is not small. Coupled with the amount of inventory, the production of new products in 2021 will lack a lot of active inventory merchants and individuals. , this may be the "wind vane" that sanchi can truly embark on a new cycle.

Although the planting area of ​​sanchi has decreased, due to the skyrocketing prices in the past few years, there has been a fission-style blind follow-up planting by growers such as enterprises and individuals. Looking only at 2014-2015, there are as many as 18 major sanchi hoarders and enterprises that can be counted, investing 5.166 billion yuan in capital and controlling 24,600 tons of supply; there are still many retail investors and hot money that have not been included in the statistics. 2016-2019 belongs to the inventory digestion period. Even if there is a period of insufficient production and demand, the inventory can completely cover the gap between supply and demand. By 2019, the new production and inventory of sanchi will usher in another peak period, and the overall supply scale will exceed 55,000 tons.

Demand companies participate in the hoarding of sanchi raw materials, and use them as raw material reserves if prices do not increase; This also caused various companies to increase their efforts to invest in sanchi bases and take advantage of a large amount of inventory, which became the key force in the market of sanchi.

Sanchi manufacturers reduce demand

Sanchi has significant effects on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, reducing swelling and pain relief, lowering blood lipids, blood pressure, beauty and beauty. Sanchi is widely used in the production of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, coronary heart disease drugs, cerebral embolism drugs, hyperlipidemia drugs, traumatic injury drugs and other drugs. Near the end of the year, pharmaceutical companies have basically stopped purchasing, and demand has dropped significantly.

The 2017 new version of the medical insurance catalog has restricted 26 types of traditional Chinese medicine injections commonly used at the grassroots level—limited to use by medical institutions at the second level and above. Xuesaitong for injection, Xuesaitong for injection) are in the restricted list. As a result, the amount of sanchi in some pharmaceutical companies has dropped by 20-50%.

In 2018, the sales volume of Chinese patent medicines of sanchi declined significantly. Taking a bulletin issued by a group in Yunnan as an example, the company's main product Xuesaitong freeze-dried powder injection dropped by 26.13% in the first half of 2018, resulting in the reduction of the company. The consumption of raw materials for sanchi is about 106.52 tons.

In 2019, the volume of blood plugs continued to decline slightly, and compared with 2018, sales decreased by 5.43%.

3. Market forecast

In general, Sanchi has now entered the middle and late stages of production and new production, with sufficient inventory of old goods. In addition, due to the influence of the end of the year, merchants have not paid enough attention to the previous period, and the market has weakened. According to the analysis of the business agency, the market of Sanchi before the year may still be running stably.

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