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SunSirs: China Wood Pulp Price continued to Rise on December 8
December 09 2021 14:29:35SunSirs(Selena)

Price: the market price of softwood pulp is 5,920 RMB/ ton, and the market price of hardwood pulp is 4,790 RMB/ ton

The price of pulp futures rose again to a new high. The opening price of SP2201 contract was 5,974 RMB/ ton and the closing price was 6,104 RMB/ ton, with a daily increase of more than 3%, and the price rose to more than 6,000 RMB/ ton. Recently, there has been positive news about the pulp market. Canadian pulp mills have reduced production, containers are tight, ports are congested, the epidemic affects Russian needle imports, and there are obstacles. Coupled with the obvious rebound in the operating rate of downstream cultural paper and household paper, the market demand of wood pulp in China has improved.


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