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SunSirs: Game between Supply and Demand is Fierce, Price of Corn in the Chinese Market Fluctuates Forward
December 03 2021 08:12:06SunSirs(Linda)

Entering December, farmers in the northeastern production areas have a strong attitude of reluctance to sell prices, coupled with the continued high freight costs and continued high drying costs, the main body of grain storage trade also has a certain psychology of price inflation. The overall progress of corn listing in the production areas is slow, and the corn market has a game of supply and demand. Intensified, the overall supply and demand of the corn market entered a stalemate. After entering December, the domestic corn market price fluctuated and stabilized, and the overall price was around 2680.00 yuan/ton.

In the short term, the supply-demand game situation in the corn market is difficult to alleviate, and the price fluctuations in the domestic corn market are limited. The high yield of corn in the new quarter is a foregone conclusion. With the market outlook, the corn market price will return to rationality again as the corn production area enters the market in batches.

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