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SunSirs: Glycine Stopped Quoting, and the Market Outlook Rose as a Foregone Conclusion
October 25 2021 13:37:44SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to data from SunSirs’ bulk list, the domestic glycine market price remained stable this week, and the average price of industrial grade glycine was stable at 27,333 RMB/ton.

Analysis review

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the glycine market is currently not quoting, and the supply of goods on the market is tight. According to the news, the price of industrial grade glycine exceeded 35,000 RMB/ton. Glycine companies in Hebei region started to stop quoting this week, mainly completing orders from old customers. It was difficult to find products in the market, and the price was rather chaotic, and carried about an order a discussion. Glycine continued to stop quotation in Shandong area, the start of enterprises was unstable, and the tight supply situation intensified.

Downstream products: The price of glyphosate original drug is close to 80,000 RMB/ton. Most original drug companies do not accept new orders or quote prices. Demand continues to improve and supply continues to be tight. The prices of raw materials such as yellow phosphorus, acetic acid, and glycine have skyrocketed, and the market outlook for glyphosate still has room to rise.

Market outlook

The glycine analyst of SunSirs believes that in the fourth quarter, the downstream glyphosate remained in short supply. Considering the rise in raw materials and the support of demand, the rising of the price of glycine has become inevitable. How big the increase can be, please pay close attention to the start of the company and changes in downstream demand.

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