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SunSirs: Increased Transactions in China's Egg Market
October 20 2021 07:57:45SunSirs(Linda)

In September, the number of laying hens in the country was 1.164.5 billion, a decrease of 0.98% month-on-month and a year-on-year decrease of 8.60%. The laying hens newly launched this month are mainly the chicken fry that was replenished in April and May this year. In April, laying hen farming turned losses into profits, and the enthusiasm of breeding units to make up stocks increased. The demand for chicken fry improved slightly, and the sales of chicken fry increased by 3.87% month-on-month;

After the Mid-Autumn Festival, seasonal demand gradually weakened, and the National Day boost was not strong. After a strong high, the egg price dropped sharply to near the cost line. Farmers were reluctant to sell, hoping for a strong mood, and the recent increase in vegetable and pork prices, mentality There is also certain support, driving the futures market to run strongly after the holiday.

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