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SunSirs: Cobalt Price Trend on September 22
September 23 2021 08:02:59SunSirs(Linda)

On September 22, the domestic cobalt price rose, and the domestic cobalt market rebounded. On September 22, the cobalt price was 377600.00 yuan/ton, which was an increase of 0.75% compared to the previous trading day's September 17 cobalt price of 374800.00 yuan/ton.

The price of cobalt salt has risen; the production and sales of new energy vehicles have risen slowly, and the growth of ternary battery production and sales has slowed. The installed capacity has decreased from the previous month; global mobile phone sales have risen, and the international cobalt price has risen;

On September 22, the international cobalt price rose, the international cobalt market rebounded, the price of cobalt salt continued to rise, the downward pressure on the domestic cobalt market weakened, and the overall cobalt market recovered. The sharp rise in international cobalt prices on September 22 stimulated domestic cobalt prices to rise again. The market outlook of the cobalt market is expected to fluctuate and rise.

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