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SunSirs: The price of Wastepaper has been Reduced largely in China and may continue to Fall in the Short Term
September 14 2021 15:01:48SunSirs(Selena)

Price: 2,543.33 RMB/ ton

Last weekend, the price of wastepaper began to show a downward trend, and then the falling area began to expand, downward from south to north. The decline in the price of wastepaper was mainly caused by the weakness of the terminal market, coupled with the general delivery of finished paper and the pressure on the inventory, which made the demand for wastepaper in the paper mill begin to decline, thus reducing the purchase price of waste paper.

Due to weak demand in the end market and sufficient wastepaper in the paper mill, it is expected that the short-term wastepaper price may continue to fall in China.


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