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SunSirs: Coking Coal Prices Firmed on May 12
May 19 2021 08:17:05SunSirs(HU)

According to the monitoring of the SunSirs, the average market price in North China was 1536.67 RMB/ton on May 1, and 1596.67 RMB/ton on May 12, with a price increase of 3.9%. The coking coal price is relatively strong shortly.

On May 11, the coking coal commodity index was 117.84, the same as yesterday, down 3.04% from the peak of 121.53 (2019-03-12) in the cycle, and up 162.39% from the lowest point of 44.91 on January 28, 2016. (Note: The period refers to 2012-09-01 to present).

According to the business community to understand the supply side, on the one hand, due to the impact of environmental inspections, domestic coal production is restricted, on the other hand, external Australian coal imports are expected to shrink, the overall supply of coking coal is still tight. Data showed that the total inventory of coking coal mines fell 6.49% week on week. Traders cherish the price of sales psychology, the overall market is relatively hot.

Requirements: May 11, the sixth round of coking enterprises to raise the basic landing, dry quenching up 120 RMB/ton, wet quenching up 100 RMB/ton. According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, the price of grade II metallurgical coke in Shanxi is 2480 RMB/ton. However, the overall supply is still tight and the inventory in the plant is low. The downstream steel plants have higher profits soon, higher operation rate, better demand for coke, lower inventory of coke in the plant, and obvious demand for replenishment. At present, the overall market is relatively strong and the coke supply is relatively tight. Because the profit of coke enterprises is good, the enthusiasm of coke enterprises to start is high, there is still a demand for coking coal, and coking coal has demand-side support.

According to the coking coal analysts of SunSirs, the overall supply of coking coal is relatively tight due to the impact of environmental protection inspection. In terms of downstream coke: the downstream coke enterprises have raised the coke price for the sixth round, the coke enterprises are more active in starting, the coke price is stable and running better, there is a demand for coking coal to supplement the storage, and the coking coal is supported by the demand side. Generally speaking, the short-term coking coal operation is relatively strong, and the downstream market demand is specific.


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